Beach Clean with Kiko Matthews

Kiko Matthews rode 6,863km (4,265 miles) around the UK coastline during her Kik-Plastic tour! Starting in Margate she cycled the coastline cleaning beaches along the way. - and one of her stops was Old Hunstanton! :)

I volunteered to help her to organise this as part of my volunteer work as a Keep Britain Tidy Litterheroes Ambassador. I absolutely get so inspired by people who do such amazing challenges and combined with beach cleaning it’s extra special, so I wanted to help! I have done all necessary arrangements with the Council and we were ready to go!

It was one of the hottest days in the UK on Tuesday, 23rd July and despite the heat 50 amazing volunteers turned up on the day and we removed 32kg of rubbish from Old Hunstanton Beach!

We sent off 2 boxes of litter for recycling and the rest was collected by the Council.


Photos by me:

Photos taken by Caroline Wilson - Kiko’s team:

Erna Gotyar