Trees - I love you!

Trees- I love you!! 🌲 🌳

Thank you for
-absorbing carbon and other gasses from the atmosphere -cleaning and cooling the air
-providing habitat for wildlife
-reducing noise pollution
-improving water quality
-help prevent erosion
-providing food
-creating shade 
and being SO beautiful 😍 ...🌲🍃💚

We need more trees more than ever before as they play a crucial role in climate change.
Have you planted one yet?

For my birthday this year I received a @1treecards birthday card. Every card plants a tree through their partner charity @edenprojects . So There’s a tree growing somewhere in Madagascar/Nepal/Haiti/Indonesia that was planted by local villagers. 
Also I started using @ecosia - the search engine that plant trees!! (Do you use it?)

I am all for this But I would really like to plant some trees locally where I can see them grow myself. If you are also interested in plantng trees and if you are in the UK, please take a look at Woodland Trust work! :)

Or ultimately being part of a huge reforestation project!! - here’s dreaming. 🌳

if anyone has any suggestions or tips on tree planting please let me know. 🙌.

Photos were taken by me when we were in the Azores a couple of years ago. .