Refill NOT Landfill

Always excited to find ‘Rehydration Points’ and saying no to another plastic bottle 😅💧but this one is a special one 😁

We went to Bristol aka Homeland of @refillhq ! And yes we went to see the main sights but as you know I have a soft spot for Refill and I am running the local scheme here in King’s Lynn so seeing where it all started in 2015 was cool! .

Reasons to start refiling!! 💙

1. Prevent plastic pollution at source.

2. Help combat climate change.
It’s been estimated that plastic production and the incineration of plastic waste give rise globally to approximately 400 million tonnes of CO2 a year with bottled water being 900 times more carbon intensive than drinking tap water.
It takes over 8 litres of water to produce a single bottle, making it an incredibly inefficient use of resources, and that’s even before we’ve thought about flying it halfway across the world! 
Add in the fact that the landfill and incineration of plastic bottles from the UK produces approximately 233,000 tonnes of CO2e emissions a year and you’ve got a climate disaster!

3. Water quality.
In the UK, we’re lucky to have some of the highest quality drinking water in the world.
However, many people still drink bottled water because they believe it not only tastes better but is better and safer than tap water. In reality, tap water is often more tightly regulated.

4. Protect the environment.
An appalling 700,000 plastic bottles are littered every single day in the UK. Many of these are making their way into our oceans. 
The impact on our wildlife is becoming catastrophic – 100,000 marine mammals and turtles and 1 million seabirds are killed by plastic pollution annually. .

5. Save money 
Refilling your reusable bottle is an easy way to save money, because bottled water costs between 500-1000 times more than water from the tap!

Are you using your bottle regularly?