Let's talk about Shampoo Bars

I switched to using shampoo bars about 4 month ago, so I feel itโ€™s time to rave about them ๐Ÿ˜„

Why am I using these bars?

You probably guessed it! Yep itโ€™s right! - Reduction of Plastics! ๐ŸŒAnd as it turns out they are GREAT FOR TRAVEL too as they are so lightweight and small ๐ŸŽ’

Did you know?

  • Most shampoos are 80-percent water and conditioners can be even moreโ€”up to 95-percent water. Why pay for water when you can add it in yourself?

  • Shampoo bars are mega concentrated and generally last longer than bottled versions. -On average, a shampoo bar will outlast two to three bottles of liquid shampoo.

  • Many traditional bottled shampoos are filled with preservatives and chemicals .

    So thereโ€™s so many reasons why to switch to using a shampoo bar. :) have you considered using them? Or if you are already using them which one is your favourite? 

    This one is from @lush @lushcosmetics but there are so many good ones out there!

Which one is your favourite shampoo bar?

Erna Gotyar