Bags for Life

Tap yourself at the back if you regularly use reusable bags! Think how many plastics bags you avoided buying and potentially saving wildlife from chocking on it. 


What’s So Bad About Plastic Bags?

Plastic bags are not biodegradable.

Plastic shopping bags on land are one of the most common types of litter.

They fly off trash piles, garbage trucks, and landfills, and then clog stormwater infrastructure, float down waterways, and spoil the landscape. They end up in  landfills where they may take 1,000 years or more to break down into ever smaller particles that continue to pollute the soil and water.Plastic shopping bags also pose health risks to human populations over the years as they leach toxins into water supplies.

Birds and Marine Mammals Mistake Them for Food

Already stressed by habitat destruction, decades of poaching and climate change, sea turtles are at particular risk from plastic bags, as they often mistake them for jellyfish– a popular food for many sea turtle species.

Manufacture, Transport, Use, Dispose of, Collect, Recycle

Finally, producing plastic bags, transporting them to stores, and bringing the used ones to landfills and recycling facilities require millions of gallons of petroleum, a non-renewable resource which can arguably be better used for more beneficial activities like transportation or heating.

Clearly there is a problem with plastic shopping bags, but what can you do about it …?

Use reusable shopping bags. Obviously, a major step is to use your own reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags.

If you have any plastic bags at home, reuse them. Plastic bags can be difficult to recycle, so it is wise to reuse plastic shopping bags at home for as long as you can.

If you do end up using plastic bags now and then, be sure to recycle them. Supermarkets now collect plastic bags for recycling. If yours does not, check with your community recycling program to learn how to recycle plastic bags in your area.

I would love to hear your little tactics... how do you remember it? Do you have a stash in different places?