Thinking about our oceans alot lately


I stand in front of the ocean in a different way nowadays. It was always a privilege to go and have a holiday near the sea and jump in the beautiful water, watch the sunset and just relax and admire the endless view and this hasn't changed. But now I stand and wonder about all the things we did to it. and the things that are happening out there at that very moment to it. and about the future of our oceans and us. —-

(Photo was taken in Slovenia in Piran (2018)


I took this photo last June in Heacham (2018) … I was sitting on the sand waiting for my friend.
I picked up this seaweed and appreciated it’s shape and texture and the tiny particle of sands on it. i started taking photos. I loved the colours and I loved the way it blew it around in the wind. A man walked passed me and even looked back at me wondered what I was doing holding up my hand. 
My friend arrived.
We were chatting and I was just brushing my hands through the warm sand when i hit something....yes. A Tiny piece of plastic. 
And again, another tiny piece of wrapping paper. Then within reach we noticed some more. an hour later and we had 2 bags of rubbish! We did it because it felt right and We did it because we care about what we love! 

This was one of those moments when I decided I had to do more, so I started doing more beach cleans and a month later I did the ‘Plastic Free July Challenge’
What do you do to reduce your use of plastics? and do you do beach cleaning/litter picking?