Mutiny Mini Shaving Box - Pirates Delight

Mutiny Mini Shaving Box - Pirates Delight

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This mini shaving box from Mutiny is perfect for those who don’t need the brush and perfect for women! This handy shaving kit comes with a 100% metal double edge safety razor, 5 x replacement blades and vegan friendly shaving soap! This soap lathers up and smells beautiful with a sharp citrus scent, the soothing ability of Lavender and kaolin to add a smooth moisturising, cushioned layer to your shave. 100% natural, not tested on animals, no Parabens, no SLS, only natural, ethical ingredients. Each soap is hand cut so may differ slightly in shape

All sets come with 5 FREE recyclable razor blades to get you started. 

What more could you need to save so much waste when shaving! This safety razor kit is perfect for women as it comes without the brush. safety razors are not as scary as you think, you’ll soon pick up the technique and get a super close shave by the end of it. :)

⦁ 100% Plastic free
⦁ Vegan shaving soap
⦁ Cruelty free
⦁ 5 x replacement blades
⦁ Eco-friendly & sustainable alternative to plastic razors
⦁ Ideal for women