Day in the Life

Documenting your everyday stories


What are "day in the life" sessions?

These sessions celebrate the everyday moments that make up the story of your life. This is authentic, completely unscripted, emotive photography - also known as documentary photography.

Documentary photography chronicles day to day life as well as significant and historical events. Documentary photography sessions are like creating a time capsule of what your life is like at this moment. They are images that tell your real story. It preserves those everyday moments for all of time.

How does it work?

This is how a documentary session goes: 

YOU: proceed in your normal routine of life just like there is no one there with a camera

ME: photograph your story

That's it...

That is not to say that I simply taking snapshots and calling it a day, there are hundreds of little decisions that have to happen as I click the shutter to make the photo all I can.

Planning We don't plan a scenic location for your shoot, the best location is a place that has some meaning to you, a place that will bring back fond memories. Your photos can be taken at your home or at a location where you feel most comfortable and connected to - I want you to tell me where it is!  

You don’t need to worry about your children behaving, posing or having a tantrum. I want them to have fun and it’s easier for them to do if you are relaxed and don’t have specific expectations. Who said a photo session need to be stressful?

During the Session - You won't be posing or following instructions. There are no directions, no sit here, look there, no "everyone hug". It really is just your real life, your beautiful crazy life, frozen in time. These sessions document that important stuff in your soul that you want to remember. I will capture a range of emotions, activities and connections between you and your family. I love this part, as I can't plan for this session, it will just unfold naturally and my job is to capture the best way I can using my creative eye. 

I would love to hear from you all - families, couples with or without babies, couples with their favourite pet, grandparents, aunts and uncles, multigenerationalism, gay parents, teenagers and older kids, single mothers or fathers, adoption stories and family reunions.