About me


I'm ERNA and I live in Norfolk (UK) with my boyfriend, Michael who I love sharing my everyday life and action packed life with. I love travelling to new places and exploring off the beaten path! Of course there are must see places on this gorgeous planet but I love places that are a bit more hidden and where I can truly connect with nature.

Because I love nature and wildlife so much I just want to protect it as much as I can. Over the years I learned more and more about the threats its facing and started to discover ways where I can do something for the environment.

I found out that as a consumer I make a decision every day to buy or not to buy and making a conscious decision what I am buying. I challenged myself to reduce my plastic footprint and that’s where my journey to sustainability properly started! I I also went to some beach cleans, and I really felt I am making the difference. Now I am officially a beach clean organiser. :)

During the Plastic Free July Challange I came across the Refill Scheme and I decided to set one up in King’s Lynn in a bid to inspire and encourage to join me to do something too, even if it’s just a small step like saying no to a plastic bottle.

I am passionate about living the ‘low -impact’ lifestyle and helping others do the same -

You don't have to be perfect, you just have to begin.


I set up this website to share all the things I learned so far to inspire people and to connect with likeminded people! I am eager to see and hear what others have discovered about living a conscious and minimal lifestyle - We can all learn from one another. So feel free to give me friendly questions, comments, or conversation! 

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